Northern Europe District is one of four Scout Districts in British Scouting Overseas. It supports groups in Germany, The Czech Republic, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium   If you need information about the district please use our contact form.

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Why not join us for the Natter n Noggin 2019.

Haus, St.George,
Wegberg, Germany
25th to 27th January 2019

Natter and noggin has been running in Northern Europe for a number of years. The event brings together leaders from all over the district to stay in indoor accommodation and talk about scouting and share ideas, take part in training, activities, visits and generally get inspiration for improving scouting back in their groups and sections. Book the date today.

Cost per adult €45,

All registrants will be invited to pay by 30th September 2018

Bring all your group leaders!


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Beavers Adventure Camp in Luxembourg - our 6th camp this year!