Northern Europe District is one of four Scout Districts in British Scouting Overseas. It supports groups in Germany, The Czech Republic, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium   If you need information about the district please use our contact form.

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Jamboree On The Air - Jamboree On The Internet (JOTA-JOTI) is the annual Scouting Jamboree that takes part over amateur radio and the internet. The 2019 event is 18th, 19th and 20th October.
The registration system for 2019 is now live on our new website at: www.jotajoti.info
Register now and start planning your Jota-Joti event for 2019.

The Scout Association is organising an All Members online meeting and Q&A at 7pm BST on Tuesday 1 October. In the meeting, They'll talk about how to get ahead of the disclosure process, how to get the best out of your training and the progress being made on the Skills for Life strategy. If you haven't already, add it to your calendar now. You won't want to miss it!