The Explorer Zone

Welcome to the Explorer Zone . This is a blog curated by our Explorer Scouts from different district groups!


  • Seasons Greetings!
    Hello everyone! Well, we are in that lull between Christmas and New Year where its difficult to know what day it is and its hard to resist the Christmas treats and leftovers! I hope that however you celebrated Christmas, you have managed to have some quality time together. I just wanted to say a massive …
  • This page is WIP
    Hello everyone , we wanted to let you know that this page is work in progress! And here it is a nice picture to prove it to you 🙂 .
  • Welcome to our new Blog page!
    Did you know that many of the UK’s finest used to be Scouts? Scouts clearly was –and still is – the place to nurture rising stars who would go on to make positive contributions in spheres as diverse as music, entertainment, sports and politics. Have a look at this list of former Scouts and, erm, be …